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Are you a Film Producer?

An independent production company owner?

Maybe even a singer, preforming artist or a painter?

Right now there are thousands of dollar available if you can:

At EMB Financial Consultants our job is too help You, the creative influence find the right grant programs and get the readily available money that is available from all over the world including the United States.


This particular site looks like a good deal and it only cost $9.95 a month but that's if and when they ever get back to you. You also have to have a good plan of action to promote your interest and creative goals.

Much of the funds they are all smiling about comes right from USA Business Men and Philanthropists.

Many that got the money got it, because they applied themselves and stuck with it.

We are not that company!

We are EMB Financial Consultants

We work on a Contingency of Fees Paid to you based around a public service ethic:

Of helping creative talents and others in need to get the cash to help them continue their work and projects.

In other words, “We do not get paid unless you get the check!” There is little or no money investment needed for many Grant Opportunities at EMB FC.

EMB Financial has done this for many and made their serious endeavours:

EMB Financial Consultants also has other opportunities to structure Non Profit Enterprises, that help others by connecting and communicating with the needs of the ever growing and changing world they serve in their work everyday.

You have heard the stories and seen the reports about the vast amounts of funds that are given away every year.

Lets face it, if you have ever tried to find out about how and where to get these funds most times it was just a confusing mess of red tape. That if followed up, would have taken up too much of your valuable time to just get on $5000 grant to have been worth it to do!

EMB has the time and we have the resources because that's our job!

If you would like to find out more information about how you can get a grant for your work or talent email us at:

We hope to hear from you real soon!

For more information about EMB Financial Consultants Visit our home page at:

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