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A Winning Game Plan, Is The Plan That Wins!  Get Your Free EMBFC Business Plan Review


Only Prospects Looking For $2 Million to Over $100 Million are Considered.

We work with over 100 Lenders and Investors Nationwide, who would love to speak with you.

No Fee in many cases* unless you're Investment Funds or Loan is Approved and you have received your money.


Let EMB Financial Consultants Take A Look

EMB FC Makes Introductions To: Investors, Hard & Soft Money Lenders, Unsecured Business Lenders, Financial Services, Commercial Loan Request Preparation, Big Equipment Financial Specialists-$20 Million plus , Renewable Energy Deals $40 Million plus, High Rise Constructions Financing $100 Million Plus

We Provide Funder Introductions, Loan Consultation Services and Project Planning

For Commercial Loans of $2 Million USD to over $100 Million USD


The best way to expand or start a business and over come all of the obstacles is:

Find a way to get the capital you need right now. There are many ways to get the capital you need, as well your credit rating having a lot to do with,  "If you can get all the money to plan and build your business the right way!"

Even with challenging credit obstacles in your personal and business past ,you can still get Multi-Million Dollar Funding if you can operate the business your proposing to start, expand or upgrade properly. 

There are many funding options out there even if your personal credit is not the best.

We do Business Acquisition Financing Funder Referrals too!

If you have a Good or Excellent Credit history and still have not gotten the money you need for your business, talk to an EMB Financial Consultants Representative Today!

WE CAN HELP Fill Out OUR EMBFC Online Form (for faster service) 

Need Funding? EMB FC Can Help


Most Entrepreneur’s think only of their business and company and if they can get all the money they need to make it a success.

How you can get the funds to succeed, is probably the only obstacle standing in your way to bigger profits right now and greater success for your company later.

EMB Financial Consultants (EMB FC^) and their Representatives, views each Business Owner/Entrepreneur, as having a vision worth listening to and getting that part of your business on paper to stand out.  

We provide "Our Clients" a short to the point EMB FC Outlook that Investors and Lenders will read, like and be willing to really review your business plan if they are interested in you type of business venture.


Things Potential Funders Like To See:

        1. A Business Plan, that explains in detail more about the Brand of Your Company, not just its goals or mission.

          (A brand is basically, what your business does to make money)

        2. How will you use a money investment to promote your products and services, as well as run your business?

        3. What is the Market you will be reaching? EX; Retail Trade, Amusment/Entertainment, Renewable Energy, Manufacturing,ect. 

        4. Financial Outlooks that include; realistic LTC(Loan To Cost) and LTV(Loan To Value) projections


We only review information that pertains to Business Ventures $2 Million USD or More.

----You Also May Not Be Asking For The Right Amount----> WE CAN HELP

 If you become "Our Client" we will work with you through the process of getting your Business, Executive Summary and Presentation up to the standards that funders accept and want to fund. Most times you just said to much or did not highlight the more important parts of your business operation.

If you would like to submit Your Business Plan or other Relevant Data for our review, which is free:

Fill Out OUR EMBFC Online Form (for faster service) Or

Email Us At: Public Email: embfc@outlook.com Company Email: embfc@embfc.zzn.com 

 We will send you a No Obligation Confidentiality Agreement so we can take a look at your plan to get funded.

No SS#, Tax Returns, Banking Info, DOB or any other private information is required.

If you fit the criteria of what our Funders are currently looking for, based on what your business needs are we will submit* your information and put you directly in touch with the Interested Investor's or Lender(s) if they are interested.

^EMB Financial Consultants is not a Direct Funding Source but we work with many funders in the United States.

Investment Analysis Services

EMB FC's Investment Analysis Services has many qualified Clients looking to speak to Fiscal Growth Investors and Loan Brokers**, who would like to get introductions to prepared start up businesses, business acquisitions and businesses seeking funds for expansion or big equipment.

 Ventures with funding needs of $2M to over $100M.

EMB FC has on file a wide selection of business ventures, who are in various stages of getting their business funded. Most prospective ventures have in-depth, in print business presentations and have been pre-analysed and investigated as having a legitimate business ventures, capital and the background to apply the funding to a finished projected value venture if funded.

EMB FC Consulting Services

Having an EMB FC Consultant on your side, can help you make a knowledgeable decision when looking for reason, board votes, funding, as well as having someone on your side of the negotiation table, when you and your business needs that extra Winning Edge. Ask For A Free EMB FC Test Drive Today!



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EMB Financial Consultants 2017®

*EMB FC Consultants can waive the one time fee of up to $1500 if your venture meets the requirements of the, “EMB FC Contingency of Funds Received Program.” This is based on the type of venture you submit and the types of funders available at the time you submit your business information. You will be notified if your venture meets the requirements of the, “EMB FC Contingency of Funds Received Program once your venture information is reviewed.

**Please note, companies referred to on this site are only suitable accredited investors who are familiar with and willing to accept the high risk associated with private investments. Any Investor who intends to utilize our services must be an accredited, qualified or sophisticated investor according to local or national regulations that apply. There has been no investigation to the accuracy of any information or terms contained herein and we strongly suggest that you seek legal advice prior to commencement of any potential transaction. All content on this site is strictly for informational purposed only and does not constitute business, financial, investment, hedging, trading, legal, and regulatory, tax or accounting advice or services. EMB FC does not sell or offer to sell any securities and no information contained on this site is intended to constitute or to be interpreted as any such offer. Any investor requesting to contact EMB FC Clients, does so at his/her own risk and is solely responsible for conducting any legal, accounting or due diligence review.

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